Monday, November 18, 2019

Fresh New Mulletry of my Own

So after almost a decade of hunting and showing all that mullets in this world have to offer, I've decided to try this infamous #hair cut for myself.  "Get a mullet," they said.  "It'll be fun," they said.  Except for almost EVERY SINGLE FEMALE I talked to beforehand.  Shake them haters off and rebel!  Do you and do the 'do!  Do NOT let them try to put you in a cage, like Kevin Costner in Waterworld, or Madmartigan in Willow.  And they didn't even have mullets.  Everything is more fun with a mullet.  Like Men's Warehouse, "You're gonna like the way you look...I guarantee it."

New York Times calls it, a tasteful, yet playful little mullet.  I really can't wait for someone I don't know to send in my mullet on my own head to be featured on my own blog.  Ironic AF.

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