Friday, July 21, 2023

Renaissance Festival


Just a junior ready to throw some tomatoes, and with the potential to become a wise, long, senior mullet.

Friday, July 14, 2023




This mullet at Cosmic is so divine, you could call it intergalactic planetary!

Maybe "he's a juke box hero, got stars in his eyes."  Gotta keep on rockin'!

Mullet Makeover: Transforming a Classic Hairstyle for the Modern Era

The mullet hairstyle, once a symbol of the past, has resurfaced in the modern era with a fresh and contemporary twist. In this blog post, we explore the exciting world of mullet makeovers, where hairstylists and fashion enthusiasts are reinventing this classic hairstyle for today's fashion-forward individuals. Discover how the mullet has evolved from its roots to become a versatile and stylish choice that embraces individuality and self-expression.

  1. The Revival of the Mullet:

    • The resurgence of nostalgia in fashion trends has brought the mullet back into the spotlight.
    • Influential celebrities and influencers embracing the modern mullet have contributed to its renewed popularity.
    • The mullet's edgy and unconventional nature attracts those seeking a unique and bold hairstyle.
  2. Modern Variations:

    • The "modern mullet" is a contemporary interpretation that combines classic elements with modern aesthetics.
    • Shorter sides and longer lengths at the back create a balance between sophistication and edginess.
    • Graduated layers and textured finishes add movement and versatility to the hairstyle.
  3. Styling Techniques:

    • Creative styling techniques allow for personalization and experimentation with the modern mullet.
    • Texturizing products and techniques enhance the mullet's volume and definition.
    • Styling tools like curling irons or straighteners can be used to achieve different looks, from sleek and polished to tousled and lived-in.
    • See older posts in this blog for all kinds of different styling! Or on Instagram, @mullet.mullisha .
  4. Embracing Individuality:

    • The modern mullet celebrates self-expression and breaks traditional beauty norms.
    • Gender-neutral and inclusive, the mullet transcends stereotypes and offers a diverse range of styles.
    • Accessorizing with hair accessories, vibrant colors, or unique cuts can elevate the modern mullet to new levels of creativity.
  5. Confidence and Attitude:

    • The modern mullet is not just a hairstyle; it's a statement.
    • Confidence and attitude play a significant role in carrying off the mullet with style.
    • Embracing the mullet's rebellious spirit empowers individuals to embrace their true selves and stand out from the crowd.

The mullet has undergone a remarkable transformation from its origins to its current status as a symbol of individuality and self-expression in the modern era. The mullet makeover has revitalized this classic hairstyle, offering endless possibilities for creativity and style. With its versatility, contemporary variations, and opportunities for personalization, the modern mullet represents a fresh take on a beloved classic. Embrace the mullet's rebellious charm, unleash your confidence, and redefine what it means to rock a hairstyle that is both timeless and relevant in the modern world.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Celebrities Who Rocked the Mullet: A Throwback to Iconic Mullet Moments

The mullet hairstyle has left an indelible mark on popular culture, and many celebrities have embraced this distinctive look throughout the years. In this blog post, we take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, highlighting iconic celebrities who have rocked the mullet. From musicians to actors, these individuals not only sported the mullet but also contributed to its enduring popularity and cultural significance.

  1. Billy Ray Cyrus:

    • Billy Ray Cyrus became synonymous with the mullet during the 1990s.
    • His hit song "Achy Breaky Heart" and his bold mullet helped popularize the style.
  2. David Bowie:

    • David Bowie's ever-evolving image included a mullet phase.
    • He showcased his fearless style by incorporating the mullet into his glam rock persona.
  3. Patrick Swayze:

    • Patrick Swayze's iconic character in the movie "Dirty Dancing" featured a mullet.
    • His effortlessly cool mullet became synonymous with his rebellious and charismatic image.
  4. Tina Turner:

    • Tina Turner's powerhouse performances were complemented by her fierce mullet.
    • Her bold hairstyle exuded confidence and added to her legendary stage presence.
  5. Kurt Russell:

    • Kurt Russell's portrayal of Snake Plissken in "Escape from New York" featured a rugged mullet.
    • His character's edgy hairstyle added to the gritty atmosphere of the film.
  6. Mel Gibson:

    • Mel Gibson's portrayal of Martin Riggs in the "Lethal Weapon" series showcased a rugged mullet.
    • The mullet became synonymous with his renegade cop persona.

The mullet hairstyle has seen its fair share of celebrity enthusiasts, each leaving their mark on the hairstyle's cultural significance. From Billy Ray Cyrus to David Bowie, and Patrick Swayze to Tina Turner, these celebrities not only rocked the mullet but also added to its enduring popularity. Whether through music, film, or stage performances, their bold and fearless embrace of the mullet helped cement its status as an iconic hairstyle. While fashion trends may change, these iconic mullet moments will forever remain a part of pop culture history.

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

The Evolution of the Mullet: From its Origins to Modern Interpretations

The mullet hairstyle has had a fascinating journey, evolving from its humble beginnings to becoming a cultural phenomenon. In this blog post, we will delve into the rich history of the mullet, tracing its origins and exploring how it has transformed over the years into various modern interpretations. From its early days as a practical hairstyle to its rise and fall in popularity, we'll discover the enduring allure of the mullet and its impact on fashion and popular culture.

The mullet's origins can be traced back to early mullet-like hairstyles found in ancient civilizations. However, it gained prominence in the 1970s as a rebellious hairstyle associated with rock and roll. The mullet's popularity soared in the 1980s, becoming a mainstream phenomenon embraced by pop icons and celebrities. It offered a versatile look that appealed to both men and women, making it a defining hairstyle of the era.

However, as fashion trends evolved, the mullet's popularity waned in the 1990s and early 2000s. It acquired a stigma and was seen as a dated or uncool style. Yet, the mullet has experienced a surprising comeback in recent years. Influential figures and celebrities have embraced the mullet, redefining its image and reigniting interest in the hairstyle. The mullet has once again found its place in popular culture, making appearances in music, sports, and entertainment.

In the modern era, there are various interpretations of the mullet. The "modern mullet" and "fashion mullet" are popular variations that adapt the hairstyle for contemporary aesthetics. Creative styling techniques and influences from different subcultures have transformed the mullet, making it more versatile and adaptable to different tastes.

The mullet's enduring legacy is undeniable. Throughout history, it has left an indelible mark on fashion, music, and popular culture. Despite the ongoing debate and nostalgia surrounding the mullet, it remains a symbol of individuality and self-expression. As fashion trends continue to evolve, the mullet's future is uncertain, but its place in history is firmly established.

The mullet's journey from its origins to modern interpretations reflects the ever-changing nature of fashion and style. From its rebellious beginnings to its mainstream popularity and subsequent decline, the mullet has captivated and divided opinions. Its recent resurgence demonstrates its enduring appeal and ability to adapt to contemporary tastes. Whether loved or loathed, the mullet stands as a symbol of self-expression and an influential hairstyle in the realm of fashion and popular culture. As we look to the future, only time will tell what lies ahead for the beloved mullet.