Sunday, November 5, 2023

Coon Rapids, MN




Featured here is Brian Carruthers (BC), from Coon Rapids, MN (that city is not a joke). He found us on social media recently and told us a little about his righteous mullet.

BC recently took 7th place in the USA Mullet Championship! That's real-deal, dedicated mulletry. The rest of you should aspire to be like Brian.

He had a baby mullet in 2010-2012, in honor of Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings. He never knew the full potential of his mullet-growing skills until the second time he dipped his toes in the #mullet experience.

He calls his mullet “The BC Gravy Train,” which features natural curls and a retro vibe. He claims to get compliments on it wherever he goes, from hockey games, to the race track, and even at church...and we believe that, no doubt! He loves pairing The BC Gravy Train with a comfortable pair of #zubaz and a sleeveless shirt. 
This is a legit look and we encourage it for all fans of Mullet Mullisha! 🤘

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